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I have been scribbling away in sketch books for the past 10 years. I write in a rather stream-of-consciousness mode and rarely ever edit or rewrite. The sketches that fill up the spaces around the poems do not always have a direct connection to the poems, but are visual poems in themselves. You will find samples of this work sprinkled here in the form of little books, exhibitions and in my blogs.

Jaaga Muses >>
Scratch – Poetry >>
Scrap Book >>

Click here >> to see In Memory Of, my Jan ’09 exhibition of Poetry, Sketches and Video-Installation art.
Click here >> to see the Going Nowhere book of sketches & poems
Click here >> to see the Snakes & Lotuses Exhibition sketches, poetry and video art at Naples and Berlin
Click here >> to see Amma – a book of poems & sketches dedicated to my grandmother



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